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Insurance for New Truck Drivers

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Starting a career as a truck driver? Getting insurance is not only required by law, it’s crucial for protecting yourself financially in case you get in an accident. At American Insurance Brokers, we have highly experienced truck insurance agents who can
discuss your options with you in complete detail. Our goal is to connect you with an affordable policy that covers you in case the unexpected happens.

We understand that new truck drivers have a variety of different needs when it comes to their insurance. That’s why we offer everything from general liability to comprehensive coverage that protects a full truckload of cargo. We’ll work closely with you to make sure you adhere to all local, state and federal laws as well as any unique financial objectives you have. We can insure a wide range of vehicles, including:

  • Tractor/Trailers
  • Moving Trucks
  • Flatbed Trucks
  • Dump Trucks
  • Straight Trucks
  • Tow Trucks
  • Car Carries
  • Box Trucks

Our insurance agents have detailed knowledge of the commercial trucking industry and are ready to ease your new career transition. We’ll recommend a policy that provides the maximum amount of financial protection without creating a burden.

Why Choose American Insurance Brokers?

American Insurance Brokers has been connecting new truck drivers with quality insurance since 1980. We have a wide range of coverage options for drivers in Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and Missouri. We’ll use all our resources to keep you on the road so that you can keep earning money. Our goal is to be your partner in success for your new career, and your needs will be given top priority. We’re well known for being highly accessible to every policyholder.

If you’re just entering the trucking business and want to fulfill your insurance needs as smoothly as possible, you’ve come to the right place. We work hard to provide all the assistance new drivers need so that they can start their careers with full confidence. Contact us today to request a quote or more information about available policies.

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